Wood Fied Hot Tube

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Wood Fired Hot Tub

Craftsman handmade round wood-fired hot tub made from Siberian larch and equipped with internal furnace (diameter – 1,8 meters, room for up to 4-5 people). Usable all year round.

Delivery across the UK & Europe.

Wood Fired Hot Tub – What is it?

Wood fired hot tub is a round or oval barrel designed for bathing, made of high quality wood with an installed wood-burning furnace. The furnace is heated with wood and after a couple of hours of heating one can enjoy bathing in hot water – in the open air, in a garden or on a terrace.

The barrel has benches inside and drinks holder integrated

Complete Set Includes:
  • Wooden hot tub with a diameter of 1,8 meters
  • Water resistant integrated aluminium/stainless steel stove with a sectional chimney of 2 meters
  • Ready-made benches
  • Partition wall
  • Top rim decoration
  • Base/Runners (impregnated with wood oil, weatherproof)
  • Stainless steel bands 3 pcs (adjustable)
  • Two-step step set
  • Drainage tap
  • Wooden cover (2 sections)

All our hot tubs come with the most necessary items for set up and bathing.  Additional products can be obtained on our Offer - Accessories page.

Delivery and Access

When ordering a hot tub it is essential to consider its location and how we can gain access to this. A fully assembled hot tb can be delivered wrapped on a pallet – this will require 6 men to lift and carry or a small forklift.

There will need to be a level access and 1.8–2 m wide access to carry in the unit to its site.

Alternatively a unit for assembly can be ordered and will be assembled on site by one of our team.

Consideration both for off-loading and siting will be discussed with you prior to the order.

Siberian Larch

Larch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Larch is a highly ecological, people-friendly and warm building material. It is widely used in Europe in the construction of terraces and as a covering material for the facades of buildings. It is virtually irreplaceable in situations where chemical finishing of wood is not permitted but its durability in all weather conditions must be guaranteed. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor building as a replacement for creosoted material.

Siberian larch becomes more and more requested due to environmental aspects. Because of its density and richness of the tar and resin Siberian larch is very durable material for outdoor use, even without additional finishing. Siberian larch is a strong and dense timber. The timber is naturally very durable and requires no harmful chemicals to preserve it. Larch is a perfect alternative to impregnated wood for outdoor use.

Natural wood is the most environmentally friendly and economical building material. Wood is the only truly renewable natural resource that has a number of functional properties – a naturally warm and natural appearance at an affordable basis, which is not achievable with artificial alternatives.

Environmentally friendly – the use of wood as material and fuel was one of the earliest ways to use plants. Wood is a renewable raw material that offers very diverse ways of use and it still belongs to one of the most important groups of products obtained from plants. Environmentally friendly (sustainable) consumption means high level of awareness of people (citizens, private and public sectors) that make conscious choices in favor of the products that have as little environmental impact as possible, since they offer environmentally-friendly technologies, longer useful life, rehashing, better options for repeated use and upgrading, or options to be used by several people.

Mobile – if necessary, the timber tub can be easily relocated.

Product Quality

Our craftsmen produce each product we sell. Our Wood-fired hot tubs are made of high quality dried wood only. This ensures that the water is absorbed by the wood, that the wood swells and the wooden hot tub remains 100% water-tight.

Wooden hot tubs are made from natural products – these will age and work differently depending on how they are handled.

We guarantee our production quality for 12 months.


The price for the hot tub is GBP 2,450 for a fully assembled unit – alternative pricing for assembly on site is shown below.

Delivery charge as below, access or delivery equipment may be charged extra if needed, special equipment or additional manpower can be arranged by us and charged as part of the delivery cost. All aspects will be discussed and agreed in writing with you prior to order.

You can buy and order our products through sending a request by e-mail. It is possible to pay for the product at our workshop or when we deliver it to you.

We accept bank transfer payments and will request a 30% deposit at time of order.

Delivery Costs For This Product

Collect from Workshop – 0 GBP

UK Mainland – 150 GBP

Offloading equipment – at cost to be discussed

Labour for offloading – where Customer requires

On site assembly charge for Units – 150 GBP

Work to prepare base area if required by customer – at cost to be discussed

Please note that no additional assistance or equipment is needed where the assembly is made on site by our team. Where limited access is available we recommend to use the assemble on site kit basis.

Delivery to European countries on request.