Who we are

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Who we are

Authentic craftsmanship with multigenerational experience that celebrates the spirit of natural wood and passion for environment

The beginning

Founded by Magda and Neil in 2017, NOMADIK is now a small passionate team brought together to offer something different. We are small company consisting of group of friends with a sole focus of the highest level of quality and passion for what we produce. We found each other by chance but shared the need to introduce something special to people who may appreciate our passion.

Caring about what we do and why we do it. Collectively we believe use less, care more. Beautiful objects created the traditional way, each one unique – designed to make a difference.

All items are handmade craftsmanship in Europe from sustainable forests with tradesmen skilled in wood and metal production. Log Buildings are designed and handcrafted in our workshops to meet the design needs – sample materials and elements are available in our offices to view.

Based out of our Scottish Borders workshop we cover supplies and designs for the UK and European market. Our products are sourced from sustainable forestry and produced by European craftsmen. We have worked in most European countries and can deliver and supply bespoke design units and structures to match our clients’ needs.

NOMADIK objects tell the story of creation process
and craftsmanship manufacture: the fusion
of contemporary design and traditional materials

Looking ahead

Our initial market launch covers the core product of Hot Tubs and we will follow during 2018 summer with:
  • Rustic timber flooring
  • Architectural bespoke wall cladding – suitable for internal and external – quality 3–4 cm thick rustic aged cladding for interior fit out – lengths from 2.5m to 5.4m. Samples and some stock can be seen at our workshop;
  • Solid oak furniture including dining or meeting room tables and related benches/seats;
  • Log Block Houses – already built in Europe and first development in Scotland during 2018;
  • Wooden structure conservatories.

We already have installed Hot Tubs in multiple locations and will expand this offering during the year. Larger size bespoke units could be available on request – the optimal size from experience is the one we offer.